Young Drivers


Did you know?

  • Road crashes are the single greatest killer of 15-24 year olds and the leading cause of permanent injury
  • Young drivers are over-represented in both fatal and serious crashes when compared to other NZ road users and their peers in developed countries
  • From 2007-11 Waikato young drivers were involved in 125 fatal and 621 serious injury crashes which equates to 33% of the Waikato road toll
  • Driving is a complex task which takes years of competence to master
  • The blood alcohol limit for drivers under 20 is zero
  • The minimum driving age is 16 years
  • Pass rates for the restricted driving test are 54 % (August 2014)
  • From December 2014, when applying for a new licence you will require some form of photographic ID
  • Ensure learner drivers have 120 hours of supervised driving practice before they sit their restricted test.

What can you do to reduce the risk?

  • Study using the current road code as this will have latest rule changes
  • Take advantage of online training programmes and resources which are listed below
  • Become a role model for children when they are young – they learn from adult’s driving habits