Drive Sober Videos

The Waikato Regional Education Group (REG) has created a series of short campaign videos featuring three players from the Kia Magic netball team along with members of the public. As well as thanking all people involved in the making of these videos the REG would like to acknowledge the Nevada Department of Transportation who developed the original video concept.


Video #1  ‘What’s a good number for your whanau?’

No one wants their family to be affected by any drink driving crashes – but just how many have there been in New Zealand over the last 5 years? Waikato residents had a chance to estimate the numbers, guess the leading causes of crashes and determine just what the number should be for their whanau.


Video #2 ‘The real impact of drink driving in NZ’

Drink driving impacts many more of us than you might realise. Our team took to the streets and the netball courts and spoke with members of the community about the real impact of drink driving. We found many people with a story to share, including the Kia Magic netball team’s star shooter Ellen Halpenny.


Video #3 Drive Sober – All about community

Netball is a fabulous sport with team mates becoming part of your whanau. As a community we can work together to protect our whanau by driving sober.


Video #4 Drive Sober – Protect whanau with a Drive Sober plan

Members of the netball community share their sober driving tips.


Video #5 Kia Magic on the road with the booze bus

Ever wondered what it’s like working as part of a booze bus operation? Join Casey Kopua, Ellen Halpenny and Jamie-Lee Price as they share their experience of being out on the road with the police.