Drive Sober with Kia Magic

August 2015

Need some more tips for driving sober? Kia Magic players have shared their best tips for getting home safely, driving sober and planning ahead.

  • Casey May Kopua – Make a plan, stick to it and enjoy
  • Courtney Tairi – Always organise your transport for the night, before you leave!
  • Ellen Halpenny – Save the taxi’s number in your phone.
  • Grace Rasmussen – Give up alcohol! Or….organise a trusted sober driver well in advance – failing to plan is planning to fail!!
  • Jamie-Lee Price – Be Safe, Be Smart.
  • Jo Trip – Make sure you have  someone you trust that will stay sober on the night OR have an extra bit of cash on you so you can call a taxi if required.
  • Jo Harten – A little is a lot when it comes to alcohol, don’t run the risk – ask a friend or get a taxi.
  • Kristiana Manu’a – Always be responsible and have a sober driver…BE the sober driver!
  • Kelly Jury Be smart and drive sober.
  • Malia Paseka – Don’t drink and drive is my #1 rule!
  • Aisha Bower – Always take extra money just in case you need to catch a taxi.
  • Sam Sinclair – You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Sober drivers can still have fun! #volunteertoday
  • Leana de Bruin – Have a buddy to call on when unexpected things happen and you can’t drive!! Don’t get behind the wheel it’s not worth it!!!