Long Awaited Rain Increases Crash Risk

March 2013

As Waikato residents eagerly anticipate the arrival of long awaited rainfall this weekend, motorists are being reminded that the wet weather will bring increased danger on the region’s roads.

“Motorists need to be aware that rain at the end of a long dry spell means roads are likely to become greasy and will be more hazardous than usual,” said Waikato Regional Council’s road safety coordinator, Monique Haines.

“Unfortunately we see a spike in serious road crashes every time we have wet weather after a long fine period. That’s because road surfaces become smooth and polished over the dry period, but once it rains these surfaces become slippery. Many motorists don’t realise this and therefore fail to adapt their driving to the changing road conditions.

“Motorists can reduce their risk of crashing by slowing down, increasing following distances, taking care when braking and avoiding any unnecessary lane changes or overtaking manoeuvres,” Mrs Haines said.

“The change of season is also a great time to check your tyres are in good condition, pumped to the correct pressure and that they have deep enough tread to last you safely through the wetter winter months.”

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