Keep your cool on the roads this winter

August 2012

Travelling along wet roads and in poor conditions during winter requires a different set of skills. Here’s a winter checklist that includes a few useful driving tips:

  1. Visibility – turn your headlights on day and night to be seen
  2. Windscreen – dazzle from low winter sun can be a problem, so make sure your vision is okay by keeping both the inside and outside of your windscreen clean
  3. Windscreen wipers – check wipers and replace if necessary, keep your windscreen washer fluid topped up, switch wipers off in the park position when leaving your car when there’s a risk of freezing (then the blades and wiper motor won’t get damaged when you turn the ignition on)
  4. Tyres – tread should be at least 1.5mm deep (borderline tread will impede the removal of water in wet conditions), check tyre pressures weekly, remember tyres that can’t grip can’t keep you safe
  5. Brakes – if you drive through a flooded area your brakes won’t work effectively, once you have driven out of the water pump the brakes a few times to get them back into working order
  6. Safe stopping distance – wet, frosty or icy roads can be very slippery, to ensure you can stop safely you should increase your following distance by using the four-second rule