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Legend by night
March 2015

McFalls Trucking_Truck legend s2c7

A superb night shot by Israel Anderson captures the new Volvo FM12  added to McFall Fuel’s fleet. Carrying out pre-departure checks, turning your phone off and key on and driving to the conditions is the next legendary tip from driver Peter Ritsema. Click here to request this card or to collect the entire series.      …

Brand new truck legend
February 2015

Waikato Truck Legends_card 6

Carleys Transport Ltd are pleased that their sparkling new Isuzu EXY530 is part of Waikato Truck Legends second collector series. Adjusting your speed for all conditions you may face on your journey is driver Nathan Sherrard’s top tip for this month. Click here to request this card or to collect the entire series.    …

A little bit of heavy metal anyone?
January 2015

WTL Series 2 - 5

A hard working Mitsubishi Fuso is the latest Waikato Truck Legend! This legend belongs to Heavy Metal Haulage who are located on the outskirts of Hamilton. “Buckle up” is Graham Durham’s tip; “good truck drivers do wear their seatbelts.” Graham’s message not only applies to truck drivers but to all people who travel in vehicles…

Direct to you … another legend
January 2015


The latest Waikato Truck Legend is the second Scania in the series and belongs to APL Direct Ltd based in Hamilton. Driver Don Burke’s driving tip is to make sure it’s safe to pass, please don’t take risks as risk takers = crash makers. Click here to request this card or to collect the entire…

Think about…
December 2014

Think about other road users Billboard tile

Think about other road users when driving on Waikato roads this summer and help reduce the risk of crashes. The number of vehicles travelling on Waikato roads to popular holiday destinations can be busier by more than 40- 50% and can spike to 100 -120% in peak holiday times. So think about other travellers while…